Humans behind AI

Nicolas Essayan, CEO of Codereef

Nicolas Essayan

Co-founder & CEO

Our CEO Nicolas has spent 14 years advising and investing alongside founders, supported them in realizing their vision and contributed in creating local and global leaders. He was Board members of many companies in various industries including Technology, Telecom and Financial Services. As such he was exposed to numerous digital transformations and thus experienced what it takes for senior Management to introduce new technologies in core business processes including AI. He holds a M.S. in Management from ESCP Europe.

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Grigori Fursi, CTO of Codereef

Grigori Fursin

Co-founder & CTO

Our CTO Grigori is an internationally renowned computer scientist and an award-winning researcher. He has more than 20 years of experience in pioneering novel Machine Learning and Knowledge Sharing techniques to modernise the development of computer software and hardware. He was Associate Professor at INRIA, R&D Director at Intel and ran his own engineering company helping blue chips customers including IBM, Arm and General Motors on AI-related problematics. He is an active open-source contributor and a reproducible research evangelist notably through his non-profit organization and a Scientific Committee member of the ACM. He holds a M.S. in Computer Engineering from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and a PhD from University of Edinburgh.

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Hervé Guillou, Machine Learning Developer

Hervé Guillou

Machine Learning Engineer

Hervé is a Machine Learning Engineer in our team. Previously he was working as a data scientist and research engineer at the CEA-INES and was developing and implanting new algorithm generation to improve integration of renewable energies inside the grid network. He was assisting company such as Alstom-grid and Valorem to pass from research to real-time processing. He holds a M.S. and a PhD in Operations Research and Combinatory Optimisation from Grenoble INP. In other respect, Hervé is a Roller Freestyle champion, ranked #1 by the World Slalom Series Association in 2015.

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Vincent, fullstack developer

Vincent Rehm

Fullstack Dev & Product Manager

Vincent is a Fullstack Developer & Product Manager in our team. He co-founded Deligreens of which he was CTO and Product Manager for 4 years. Deligreens raised €2m from a Corporate VC to provide access to local and organic food through urban delivery services and a full digitalisation of its supply chain. Its organisation based on Holacracy, enabling autonomy, agility, purpose-alignment and respect of humans, quickly made Deligrens an inspiring example for its ecosystem of customers and suppliers. Vincent then reconverted as a freelance developer serving large corporate accounts as well as start-ups. He holds a M.S. in Management from ICN Business School and he’s a certified Fullstack Developer from Le Wagon in Paris.

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Thibaut, fullstack developer

Thibaut Dumontet

Fullstack Dev & Growth Manager

Thibaut is a Fullstack Developer & Growth Manager in our team. He also co-founded Deligreens of which he was CMO for 4 years and led the creation of a widely recognised brand in the Lyon area. He then joined FoodCheri, a foodtech startup in Paris. As Head of Growth, he contributed to increase the number of delivered meals to 20,000 per week. He holds a M.S. in Management from ICN Business School, a M.S. in International Management & Affairs from MGIMO in Moscow and he’s a certified Fullstack Developer from Le Wagon in Paris.

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