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cr-lib A parallel connectivity algorithm for de Bruijn graphs in metagenomic applications

cr-lib AGGREGATHOR: Byzantine Machine Learning via Robust Gradient Aggregation

cr-lib Collective Knowledge workflow for collaborative research into multi-objective autotuning and machine learning techniques

cr-lib Extreme scale multi-physics simulations of the tsunamigenic 2004 sumatra megathrust earthquake

cr-lib GEMMbench: a framework for reproducible and collaborative benchmarking of matrix multiplication

cr-lib Highly Efficient 8-bit Low Precision Inference of Convolutional Neural Networks with IntelCaffe

cr-lib Integrating a large-scale testing campaign in the CK framework

cr-lib Integrating algorithmic parameters into benchmarking and design space exploration in dense 3D scene understanding

cr-lib Leveraging the VTA-TVM Hardware-Software Stack for FPGA Acceleration of 8-bit ResNet-18 Inference

cr-lib Lift: A Functional Data-Parallel IR for High-Performance GPU Code Generation

cr-lib MILEPOST GCC: machine learning based research compiler

cr-lib Milepost GCC: Machine Learning Enabled Self-tuning Compiler

cr-lib MLPerf Inference Benchmark

cr-lib Multi-objective autotuning of MobileNets across the full software/hardware stack

cr-lib Optimizing Deep Learning Workloads on ARM GPU with TVM

cr-lib Optimizing Word2Vec Performance on Multicore Systems

cr-lib Priority-based Parameter Propagation for Distributed DNN Training

cr-lib Real-Time Image Recognition Using Collaborative IoT Devices

cr-lib Software Prefetching for Indirect Memory Accesses