Component: module:vqe (v1.0.0)
Added by: gfursin (2019-10-16 07:57:37)
Authors: Grigori Fursin
License: BSD 3-clause (code) and CC BY-SA 4.0 (data)
Source: GitHub
Creation date: 2018-07-17 11:24:47
CID: 032630d041b4fd8a:6b82fa71240ce99cmodule:vqe  )

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Description: simplify running the vqe pipeline and recording the results
Workflow: VQE quantum competition pipeline
CLI actions (CK API):
  •    ●  ck cleanup vqe - Remove env and soft entries that make up deployed plugin(s) (API)
  •    ●  ck deploy vqe - Install the necessary plugin (optimizer or ansatz) and the corresponding environment for the 'run' method to work (helper function) (API)
  •    ●  ck deploy_ansatz vqe - Deploy one ansatz plugin (API)
  •    ●  ck deploy_optimizer vqe - Deploy one optimizer plugin (API)
  •    ●  ck list_deployables vqe - Get the list of all deployables of a template code-containing soft entry (helper function) (API)
  •    ●  ck list_experiments vqe - Returns a list of all VQE-relevant CK experiment entries (API)
  •    ●  ck list_registered_emails vqe - Get the list of emails of the users that have successfully recorded the quantum_coin_flip experiment (helper function) (API)
  •    ●  ck pick_an_experiment vqe - Select an experiment from the list (interactive helper function) (API)
  •    ●  ck plugin_path vqe - Get the path to the plugin's editable python file (API)
  •    ●  ck run vqe - Run several repetitions and record the results locally (API)
  •    ●  ck time_to_solution vqe - Calculate the Time-to-Solution metric for a given experiment (API)
  •    ●  ck upload vqe - Upload the best experimental results on the server for visualization and comparison (API)
Workflow framework: CK
Development repository: ck-quantum
How to get stable version (under development):
  pip install codereef
  cr download module:vqe --version=1.0.0 --all
  ck help module

How to get development version:
  pip install ck
  ck pull repo:ck-quantum
  ck help module

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