install package
Component: cr-action:install package (v1.2.0)
Added by: gfursin (2020-01-31 13:01:53)
Authors: Grigori Fursin
License: BSD 3-clause (code) and CC BY-SA 4.0 (data)
Source: GitHub
Creation date: 2015-03-05 11:41:25
CID: 081173242a88bc94:d3e81d1fc64805cbcr-action:install package  )

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How to get and run stable version (under development):
  pip install codereef
  cr download module:package --version=1.2.0 --all
  ck install package --help

How to get and run development version:
  pip install ck
  ck pull repo:ck-env
  ck install package --help

How to run from Python:
   import ck.kernel as ck

                ... See JSON API below ...
   if r['return']>0: return r
Info about the CK module with this action: package
Workflow framework: CK
Development repository: ck-env
Module description: managing software packages (installing tools, registering in CK environments)
API Python code: Link
        "    Input:  {
              (target)            - if specified, use info from 'machine' module
              (host_os)           - host OS (detect, if omitted)
              (target_os)         - target OS (detect, if omitted)
              (target_device_id)  - target device ID (detect, if omitted)

              (data_uoa) or (uoa) - package UOA entry
              (tags)              - tags to search package if data_uoa=='' before searching in current path
              (or_tags)           - add entries which has groups of tags separated by ;
              (no_tags)           - exclude entris with these tags separated by comma

              (env_data_uoa)      - use this data UOA to record (new) env
              (env_repo_uoa)      - use this repo to record new env

              (install_path)      - full path with soft is installed
              (path)              - path with soft is installed (path from the package will be appended)

              (skip_process)      - if 'yes', skip archive processing
              (skip_setup)        - if 'yes', skip environment setup

              (deps)              - pre-set some deps, for example for compiler

              (reuse_deps)           - if 'yes' reuse all deps if found in cache by tags
              (deps_cache)           - list with resolved deps

              (deps.{KEY})        - set deps[KEY][\"uoa']=value (user-friendly interface via CMD to set any given dependency)
              (preset_deps)       - dict with {\"KEY\":\"UOA\"} to preset dependencies

              (dep_add_tags.{KEY})   - extra tags added to specific subdictionary of deps{} for this particular resolution session

              (param)             - string converted into CK_PARAM and passed to processing script
              (params)            - dict, keys are converted into = and passed to processing script

              (env_prefix)        - alternative env_prefix (overrides the one in soft entry)

              (env)               - add environment vars
              (env.{KEY})         - set env[KEY]=value (user-friendly interface via CMD)

              (Dkey)              - update params[key], i.e. ck install package:... -DENV1=val1 -DENV2=val2 (similar to CMAKE)

              (extra_version)     - add extra version, when registering software 
                                    (for example, -trunk-20160421)

              (extra_tags)        - add extra tags to separated customized packages (string separated by comma)

              (extra_path)        - add extra path to the automatically prepared one
                                    (for example, -trunk-20160421)

              (record_script)     - record tmp installation script with pre-set environment
                                    (to be able to call it to rebuild package without CK)

              (force_version)     - force version (useful for automatic installation of packages with multiple supported versions)

              (install_to_env)    - install this package and all dependencies to env instead of CK-TOOLS (to keep it clean)!

              (safe)              - safe mode when searching packages first instead of detecting already installed soft
                                    (to have more deterministic build)

              (add_hint)          - if 'yes', add hint that can skip package installation and detect soft instead

              (rebuild)           - if 'yes', attempt to set env to avoid downloading package again, just rebuild (if supported)
              (reinstall)         - if 'yes', also download package and then rebuild it ...

              (version_from)      - check version starting from ... (list of numbers)
              (version_to)        - check version up to ... (list of numbers)

              (ask)               - if 'yes', ask more questions, otherwise select default actions
              (ask_version)       - ask for the version of the package the user wants to install

              (debug)             - if 'yes', open shell before installing but with all resolved deps

    Output: {
              return       - return code =  0, if successful
                                         >  0, if error
              (error)      - error text if return > 0

              env_data_uoa - if installed fine
              env_data_uid - if installed fine


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